When Robert Burns is put on trial for debauchery against the womenfolk of Scotland and is confronted by all his prior conquests, you know there will be a lot of poetry spouted forth, but this is not eighteenth century Scotland, but at Sleder’s Bar and Grill in Traverse City in 2013.  The St. Andrews Society of Northwest Michigan goes to great lengths to remind us of the Scottish heritage and to maintain the unique Scottish culture that still so fascinates us.
Such musical talents were revealed.  Clyde Buchanan piped in the Haggis and later recited and played the pipes to Scots Wha’ Hae!  Three dancers (8, 8 and 6 years young) displayed their talents in several dances, ending with a sword dance and not a single detached toe!  Jane Arney’s concertina and harp playing was sweet, and her guests, sisters Janet VanHouzen dancing and Colleen Tenant piping, showed strong professionalism in their performances.
The words of the bard resonated throughout the room, most poignantly from Dale Perin, reciting My Luv is Like a Red, Red Rose in memory of his late wife Shirley. Two of the dancers were more than willing to try their hand at reading the Lowland Scots tongue composed by Rabbie Burns.  And Master of Ceremonies Wally Skinner showed that even bad jokes can get an appreciative laugh.
Probably it was the biggest haggis anyone of us had ever seen, and there was not much left at the end of the night.  This was a well-attended celebration of the bard’s birth, and the Society thanks everyone for venturing out on a cold winter’s night. We appreciate all who gave something to make this a wonderful evening. 
Alan McColl


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