Katie Meek from Alpena is the weaver who designed the Tartan for the State of Michigan.

She has this to say on her website: "I am very pleased that our beautiful state of Michigan finally has its own official tartan. I am honored that I was involved in the design. Now the tartan mills of Scotland and handweavers everywhere can weave their own copies. I hope that handweavers in states still without their own tartans will learn the joys of tartan weaving and design a plaid to represent them, then find citizen support to have it made official. Many countries around the world have their own tartans.

Many organizations and all the provinces of Canada have their own tartans."

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Michigan 'Tartan
White:  snow, lake ice, summer clouds, and fruit blossoms

Tan:  sand dunes, Petoskey stones, roads for the Model T

Deep red:  maples in autumn, cherries and apples, red-top grass  

Deep green:  forest, rolling hills & meadows

Blue/green:  Michigan’s lakes, both inland and Great.